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$80 First Visit

$75 per session

$675 /10 session package

Receive neurofeedback for 33 minutes. You will be invited to sit in our comfortable recliner and will receive a neurofeedback session listening to soft relaxing music. This session is most popular for individuals who are paying out-of-pocket and do not require an Occupational Therapy or Social Work receipt.

Ages 8+


1 hour Occupational Therapy 

(in clinic or virtual)

$120 / Session

1 hour Occupational Therapy with Neurofeedback

$150 / Session 

(90 min)

30 min Occupational Therapy with Neurofeedback

$120 / Session

(60 min)

Home visit

(OT only)

$130 / hour

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board and Veteran’s Affairs Canada

 Rates vary due to documentation, assessment, and therapy requirements of each organization.

Occupational Therapy looks at the entire individual and how they function at work, home, school, during leisure activities, and throughout life in general. All Occupational Therapists at Forest City Neurofeedback have extensive background in cognitive rehabilitation, concussion work, with most of our staff specializing in psychotherapy, mental health, pediatrics, and frail elderly. Strategies to help with coping, recovery, and healing are taught in session, coupled with neurofeedback to build resilience.

Ages 10+

Social Work Counselling

Social Work Counselling

(in clinic or virtual visit)

$130 / session

(1 hour)

Social Work Counselling 

with Neurofeedback

$150 / session

(90 minutes)

$120 / session

(60 minutes)

Counselling is offered to guide healing from anxiety, depression, self image issues, anger management, addictions, low confidence, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), negative self-talk, grief, and relationship issues. Our therapists practice from a trauma-informed lens, offering a compassionate, welcoming, gentle, and inclusive support for your healing. We are specialized in PTSD, First Responder trauma, youth and children, LGBTQ2S+ individuals, anxiety, anger management, and post-concussion emotional changes. Many benefits offer funding for one or more of these providers. Neurofeedback can be included in the session to offer enhanced results. 

Social Workers:

Rebecca Reichman serves Ages 8+

Christine Ellwoood serves Ages 8+

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