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Healthy Food

Nutritional Counselling

Our Registered Dietician offers one-on-one sessions to assess your specific nutritional needs, understand your current food habits, and provide teaching about how food can help heal and optimize your daily life. A customized approach to meal planning and recipes based on your specific nutritional needs and lifestyle is also provided. 

Niina Lobbestael
Registered Dietitian (RD)

Niina  is a client-centred Registered Dietitian (RD) with over fifteen years of experience in health and nutrition. She has had the opportunity to provide nutrition education, guidance, and support to a diverse client population. She has worked with several professional teams to support and manage diet-related conditions and improve eating habits.

Niina is committed to personal growth and development. In addition to her RD degree, she has a rich background, including an associate degree in culinary arts and a master's degree in Gastronomy and Creative Food Education from UNISG in Italy.


Niina believes that clients deserve support from experts in the field who can guide them in essential nutrition choices and personalized plans that motivate and align with their lifestyles and beliefs. 

Areas of experience and specialty:


- Prenatal and postpartum nutrition for mom and baby

- Mindful eating

- Weight management 

- Geriatric nutrition

- Diabetes and metabolic syndrome, cancer

Niina has a deep understanding of the cultural and social aspects of dietary choices and a diverse set of skills in cooking and modifying recipes to support patients' health goals while supporting their family food rituals and practices. Niina is passionate about sharing her knowledge with patients and collaboratively working with individuals to meet their health and wellness goals.


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