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If you are looking for a place where you or your loved one will be welcomed with open arms, treated with dignity and respect, and supported along your healing journey by knowledgeable and exceptional therapists, look no further, you have arrived home. 

I created Forest City Neurofeedfback as a place of healing for both children and adults. Where those looking for freedom from the darkness and heaviness of anxiety, depression, trauma, low self-confidence, and anger can be cared for, supported, and welcomed. Where compassion and acceptance lead every interaction and where individuals can experience counselling with the gentle yet powerful healing that neurofeedback can offer. I found neurofeedback through its effect in my personal life, and felt I wanted to share it with more individuals who may be experiencing the same darkness, looking for light. 

If you are not sure if neurofeedback will work for you, or if you have any questions, please reach out! I will personally respond to your inquiry and together, we will find the best solution. You are not alone!














My personal story:


After our two children were born and I returned to work full time, I found life as a working mother and wife challenging to balance. I was in a constant state of overwhelm and started to experience nightly panic attacks. Some of these panic attacks lasted for hours into the night and caused physical symptoms of nausea. I began to lose weight, and found it difficult to cope, constantly in a state of stress and fear. After two years of living this way, I found neurofeedback. After two months of sessions, I noticed a shift in how I was able to cope with life situations. My body no longer used panic as the first response, rather, I seemed to have a new resilience. It was when my husband saw me laughing again that he said, “I don’t care how much the neurofeedback systems costs, we are buying it. I have my wife back”. We purchased the system and I started offering sessions for family and friends. As more people found neurofeedback to be helpful, our passion project turned into Forest City Neurofeedback, a space where everyone is welcomed and served in a loving and safe environment.


Martha Scott
Occupational Therapist and Founder of Forest City Neurofeedback


20170707 Neuroptimal Stock 249.jpg
Your brain has an organic ability to heal itself. Neurofeedback provides a mirror for your brain to show it what patterns it is using. This allows the brain to correct 'out of shape' patterns and make intrinsic changes.
Your experience will be one of listening to relaxing music and watching visual images on a TV screen. Children are welcome to flip through a book, watch a parents iphone or i pad, color, etc. while listening to music.
Small flat electrodes for electroencephalography (EEG) are placed on the ears and scalp (attached with a soft paste). Our software can 'listen' to the electrical patterns of your brain. Anytime your brain is ready to make a switch in pattern it will be provided with feedback in the form of an interruption through the music and visual images. This feedback allows your brain to change its pattern into one that feels more comfortable. 
It is a safe and gentle approach. The software only listens, and interrupts the music as a "cue" for your brain to hear.
Eventually your brain knows that it is switching on its own, and will learn to stay in the more comfortable and positive patterns even after the session is over.
All are welcome here. Mothers who would like a treatment are welcome to bring their infants with them. We are a breastfeeding friendly clinic!

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 

Meet Your Team


Martha Scott

Occupational Therapist, Psychotherapist

Martha is passionate about helping others reach their highest potential. Martha's work over the past decade has focused on helping those who have sustained brain injuries caused by stroke, concussion, or trauma. More recently she is working towards certification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Martha first discovered NeurOptimal® when searching for a gentle way to calm anxiety and reduce panic attacks. Excited by the personal benefits in symptom reduction and improved mental clarity Martha decided to share this wonderful technology in a warm, serene, and professional environment. She created Forest City Neurofeedback, where anyone of any age is welcome. 


Jared Scott

Occupational Therapist, Psychotherapist

Jared ‘s fascination with neurofeedback began when he discovered the heightened sense of clarity and sharpened focus it provided during personal sessions. Realizing the effective benefits neurofeedback can also have in reducing symptoms of anxiety, panic, drowsiness, and feelings of overwhelm, Jared began to refine his mental health skills and study psychotherapy to be able to offer this as part of his service with Forest City Neurofeeback. Jared’s background as an Occupational Therapist is working with mental health, addictions, and personality disorders. Jared loves working with any age group, including children.

Meet Your Team


Jared Scott

Occupational Therapist, Psychotherapist


"From about my third NeurOptimal® brain training session, I felt that tight grip of anxiety starting to loosen. I felt a returning to optimism - what I had thought was my core self, but hadn't been able to hold onto since having children more than two decades ago.  With several sessions in, this state of peaceful optimism continues to grow.  On top of that, the tasks in my life that seemed impossible prior to NeurOptimal® training, are now achievable for me.  I feel like I have been released from the prison that my body and mind held me in for decades!" - SD

 "I still get tired, I learn lots, I make mistakes but I feel like I am more in the 'flow' and can bounce back easier" - SP

 "Once I started to notice shifts it was like a mystery I was solving, trying to track what has changed. The changes are so subtle it’s hard to realize they are a result of brain organization. I was noting multiple changes in my perceptions. It dawned on me that my sleep has improved. Then I realized that I wasn’t waking up in a panic anymore. I became extremely creative in the kitchen again and began thoroughly organizing my home. I felt extremely forgiving toward my ex-husband. I stopped blaming myself for my father’s suicide. I started living more fully and less in fear. All areas of my life started to feel easier." - RL

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