"From about my third NeurOptimal® brain training session, I felt that tight grip of anxiety starting to loosen. I felt a returning to optimism - what I had thought was my core self, but hadn't been able to hold onto since having children more than two decades ago.  With several sessions in, this state of peaceful optimism continues to grow.  On top of that, the tasks in my life that seemed impossible prior to NeurOptimal® training, are now achievable for me.  I feel like I have been released from the prison that my body and mind held me in for decades!" - SD

 "I still get tired, I learn lots, I make mistakes but I feel like I am more in the 'flow' and can bounce back easier" - SP

 "Once I started to notice shifts it was like a mystery I was solving, trying to track what has changed. The changes are so subtle it’s hard to realize they are a result of brain organization. I was noting multiple changes in my perceptions. It dawned on me that my sleep has improved. Then I realized that I wasn’t waking up in a panic anymore. I became extremely creative in the kitchen again and began thoroughly organizing my home. I felt extremely forgiving toward my ex-husband. I stopped blaming myself for my father’s suicide. I started living more fully and less in fear. All areas of my life started to feel easier." - RL